Real-World Data Analysis

Data is the new oil. Many of the top careers on earth are data centric. However, attaining an entry level role is often difficult. I'm going to show you the shortest path to attaining a career as a data analyst by becoming a Microsoft Certified Data Analyst Associate. You'll take two courses, and pass one certification. After that, it's on to interviewing for a data analyst role.

Microsoft Certified Data Analyst

The Top Data Analyst Certification

Data Analysts are responsible for designing and building scalable data models, cleaning and transforming data, and enabling advanced analytic capabilities that provide meaningful business value through easy-to-comprehend data visualizations. This platform is your guide to becoming a Microsoft Certified Data Analyst.
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Static vs Refreshable Data

A Self-Study Guide for Data Analyst

  • Real-World

    The courses are designed to teach you real-world data analysis. You'll learn tools and prepare for certifications highly valued in the applied space

  • Fast Track

    I've created the shortest path to a real-world career in data analysis. You'll take two courses, pass one certification and start interviewing for opportunities.

  • Microsoft Certified

    Microsoft is one of the top data companies in the world. Few certifications in the real-world are as sought after as those from Microsoft.


  • Does the subscription price include access to all the machine learning courses also?

    Yes it does. One low monthly fee for all access to the courses for attaining the data analyst certification and the machine learning courses.

  • How long will the data analyst courses take me?

    That will depend on the individual. Most should be able to complete the courses and pass the certification in 4-6 months.

  • Does LogikBot include any test prep for the exam?

    Yes it does. A complete guide to preparing for the certification is included.

  • How many courses is the certification path?

    Currently, there are two courses. One on SQL and another on Power BI.

  • I don't have any IT background. Can I still complete the certification?

    Yes. The data analyst is an entry level role. The data analyst role is one of the best starting points for a career working with data.

Why Choose LogikBot for Data Analysis?

  • Shortest Path

    Two courses, prepare for the exam, pass the certification, study some interview questions and start interviewing. You can do it all in under six months.

  • Exam Simulation

    The platform includes questions that will be nearly identical to questions asked on the certification. The exam simulator is included in the membership.

  • Microsoft Certified

    You'll be learning SQL and Power BI. Microsoft is one of the top players in the analytics space. The exam you'll be preparing for is PL-300.